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Wow 2 years ago
This is how all guys should fuck us girls.... no dick, just fingers and mouths
Anonymous Girl 1 year ago
*in my most professional Mom voice*
“Hello.. yes good afternoon I’d like to schedule an appointment”
Just some girl 2 years ago
Okay wowww that‘s hot i loove it
IRONDOC 1 year ago
Well he has just highlighted the importance of having the experience of working with the girl first hand, by finding out about her likes and dislikes and whether she was taken care of by her previous lovers. Obviously not by her response, very refreshing and enlightening and she surely deserves many orgasm's,..
bdsm girl 1 year ago
Being 2 high messes with sex. He gets 10 stars for effort.
Pat Fenis 1 year ago
I’m a fat cunt
Anonymous 1 year ago
<<Comment deleted>>
Yess 10 months ago
I wanna eat Roseanne just like smoke a blut and i lick that sweet pussy n ass until you orgasm on my tongue and face!!!
I want him 2 months ago
I need him!
4 months ago
Looks someone of Indian origin